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CMD is proud to offer our Restaurant Industry, Local Business, and our Convention & Visitors Bureaus an opportunity to Market Creatively,

as well as  strengthen your bond within your community

Distributing Restaurant Owners

Current Promotions

  • Placemats –  Quantity  20,000 *
  • Koozies –       Quantity  25,000 *
  • Ask about our Bonus To Go Menus – Quantity  5,000
  • All of the above listed Products can be offered at no charge to your Business. *

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Convention & Visitors Bureau

PREMIUM COLLAPSIBLE KOOZIE PROMOTION DETAILS                                                                                                                                                 

  • CMD will furnish your Business with 20,000 Koozies displaying your phone number,  and Logo,  1- COLOR INK  ON ANY COLORED KOOZIE
  • Distributing Business – Cost – No Charge (1 Year Promotion)
  • *Restaurant, Sports Club or Marketing Organization (CVB) will allow CMD to place one
  • Local Sponsoring Business Logo on back side
  • CVB agrees to distribute Koozies at local functions, festivals or events they may sponsor and to distribute all Koozies within 1 year

Advertising Sponsor (Local Area Business) 

CMD will secure a Distribution Point – Business Restaurant, Sports Bar or Marketing Organization Promoting Local Area (CVB)

Your Logo and Phone number  1- color will be placed on 1 side of the Koozie with the Distribution Business on the other side

Your Promotion will run 1 Year or until all Koozies are distributed. Guaranteed no less than 2,000 Koozies will be distributed in your target market.

Cost for Promotion $1600

CMD will provided Artwork at no additional charge.

Sponsoring Business will also receive 50 Koozies for their personal distribution



Restaurant Owners 

CMD will provide you with 5,000 per quarter of 11 x 17 paper placements for your use at no charge!

  • No Charge to Business Owner
  • Adds a sanitized place to put napkin and eating utensils
  • Cuts down on use (cost) of paper coasters and paper napkins
  • Easier Clean Up
  • Featured Lunch Specials, Drinks, Desserts, etc.,  in the Center of Placemat with your Business Information and Logo


Local Business Owners

Full Color Restaurant Placemat Advertising

Here it is,  your CREATIVE MARKETING TOOL  for your target audience!

For 20-40 mins your potential new customer will be looking at your advertisement in a relaxed environment

For the established customer this bring brand recognition and helps retain that customer

Reaches 5,000 people (per quarter) or  20,000 (per year) in your target market, at minimal cost

Professional Ad design

No additional charge to change your ad quarterly

No more than 16 Ads per Placemat, and no more than 2 business in the same category

Cost –

Paid in full – $1200

$325 per quarter, First quarter due at signing and $108.33 per month for 9 months


Restaurants in all areas, contact us for more information

Phone: 409-789-5955       Email:


CVB’s  Chambers of Commerce & Tourism Promotional Organizations you qualify! 

We have a program that you can possibly receive for FREE 20,000 Wackymaps (Cartoon Maps) for your use.  


  • Have a need to promote Tourism for your area
  • Agree to distribute your allocated maps
  • Sponsor the Map program by having your Logo and information on the Map 

That’s it! If you can agree to these 3 things you qualify! So contact us today to get started.

Sponsoring Vendors

You will benefit by placing a display ad on these handy, and wacky maps.  

They are full of Cartoon illustrations of the area you are in,  such as historical and well known POI and local businesses.

Some will have useful coupons and informative information on Events for the area. 

This will guide New and Old customers to your Business.

There will be 20,000 maps distributed by the Sponsor.

Typically this last 1 year, occasionally they will all be distributed (Yay!) and at that time any new printing will be an additional promotion. 

Professional Design Artwork by Jim Hunt 

Pricing for these ads are determined by Area and distributing sponsor- but will average between $950 and $1500 for the year. 

Contact us today for promotions you can participate in. 

The Process of Creation

Wedding in your Future?

How cool is this Wacky Map?  

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We are your one stop shop, and look forward to a long and successful partnership


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